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Energy Engineering (EE) MCQ Question with Answers.


 Energy Engineering (EE) MCQ Question with Answer.

Q.no 1. Penstock in a hydroelectric power plant is

A : A pipe connected to runner outlet

B : Nozzle that release high pressure water on turbine blades

C : A conduit connecting forebay to scroll case of turbine

D : A pipe connecting surge tank

Q.no 2. Silencer is usually incorporated in

A : Cooling system

B : Exhaust system

C : Air intake

D : Fuel supply system

Q.no 3. What is the overall efficiency of nuclear power plant?

A : 20 to 25%

B : 25 to 30%

C : 30 to 40%

D : 60 to 70%

Q.no 4. Pelton turbines are mostly use in

A : Horizontal

B : Vertical

C : Inclined

D : staggared

Q.no 5. Diesel Power Plant works on

A : Otto Cycle

B : Brayton Cycle

C : Diesel Cycle

D : Rankine Cycle

Q.no 6. Most of the energy released in fission process is in process of

A : Kinetic Energy

B : Chemical Energy

C : Light Energy

D : Heat Energy

Q.no 7. The hydroelectric power plants are

A : Operating cost is high and initial cost is high

B : Operating cost is low and initial cost is high

C : Operating cost is low and initial cost is low

D : Operating cost is high and initial cost is low

Q.no 8. What is a use of spillways in hydropower plant?

A : Discharge excess water in the reservoir

B : Reduce loss of head due to friction in penstock

C : Get more head for hydel plant

D : Both (b) and (c) above

Q.no 9. What is used to prevent the entry of debris into turbine?

A : Wiper

B : Fore bay

C : Trash rack

D : Filter

Q.no 10. When the control rods are inserted into the reactor, K (Multiplication factor) becomes

A : less than 1

B : 1

C : more than 1

D : Can’t say

Q.no 11. BWR stands for

A : Brine water reactor

B : Boiling water reactor

C : Bright water reactor

D : Best water reactor

Q.no 12. The Regeneration will

A : Increase the output

B : Decrease the output

C : Increase the Efficiency

D : Decrease the Efficiency

Q.no 13. Control rods are made of

A : Cesium

B : Tungsten

C : Cadmium

D : Gallium

Q.no 14. Shield is made of

A : Iron Metal enclosure

B : Concrete

C : Ceramics walls

D : Copper metal

Q.no 15. A device used for preheating of water with the flue gases

A : Steam trap

B : Air preheater

C : Re-Boiler

D : Economoser


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