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Mobile Communication 100+ MCQ with answer for exam and interview preperation.


 Mobile Communication MCQ with answer [1-20].

Mobile communication is the technology that permit us to communicate with others withought use of any physical connection like - Wires or cables.

In our daily life we use mobile phones this is an best example of mobile communication. when we dial the call number it acts as transmitter and on other side who receives your calls acts as receiver.

Here below are the some question with answer for exam and interview explanation.

Switching Techniques for Voice and Data MCQ with Answer

1. If ‘n’ number of users are present in a network with point-to-point links, then how many links will be required in the network?

... Answer is B)
n (n – 1) / 2

2. Which among the following is/are adopted by cross bar systems with hard wired control subsystem?

... Answer is C)

3. Which kind of switching technique indicates the transfer of coded values from input to output during the same interval of time?

... Answer is B)
Space Switching

4. What is the hardware, used to establish connection as an electrical path between inlet and outlet pair in switching system, known as?

... Answer is C)
Both A and B.

5. In folded type of network,.....

... Answer is D)
output lines are folded back to input lines

6. The ratio of number of successful calls to the number of call attempts is known as....

... Answer is A)
Call Completion Rate (CCR)

7. If a telephone exchange serves 1500 users with the average BHCA of about 9000 and CCR is about 50%, what would be the busy hour calling rate?

... Answer is B)

8. How is the relation between Erlang and CCS specified?

... Answer is A)
1 Erlang = 36 CCS

9. Percentage of occupancy can be defined as the percentage of _____ for which the server seems to be busy.

... Answer is C)

10. By which name/s is the Grade of Service (GOS) well-known?

... Answer is B)
Call congestion


11. Which among the following provides TRG access to outgoing junctions through the two stage network?

... Answer is C)

12. Which shape of switches are not adopted normally due to non-usability of both way trunks?

... Answer is B)

13. In graded groups, switches with inaccessibility to the outgoing route gets ____ into the number of separate groups.

... Answer is C)

14. Which form/s of grading design has/have the tendency to share every trunk between equal number of groups?

... Answer is A)
Homogeneous Grading.

15. For the two-group grading consisting of 14 trunks, availability = 5, Ak = 1.4E and the required grade of service of about 0.01, what would be its traffic capacity?

... Answer is B)
4.98 E

16. After the application of line frequency in Phase Locked Loop (PLL), at which stage do/ does the VCO frequency start to exhibit variation?

... Answer is B)

17.What is an acceptable value of dividing point between the wander and jitter?

... Answer is A)
10 Hz.

18. If the voltage controlled by VCO exhibits variation at faster and rapid rate, then the instability of clock is known as

... Answer is A)
Clock jitter.

19. Which theorem in random jitter specifies the composite effect of various uncorrelated noise sources despite the distribution approaches to Gaussian distribution?

... Answer is C)
Central Limit Theorem.

20. Which type of data network supports the interconnection of computers within highly populated area?

... Answer is C)

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