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Mobile Communication MCQ with answer [81-100].



Mobile Communication MCQ with answer [81-100].

81) Which among the following can be adopted as a dedicated path between 
the source and destination in circuit switching?

a. Physical Wire
b. Radio Link
c. Co-axial Cable
d. All of the above

ANSWER: d. All of the above

82) The transfer of user messages from node to another by means of store and 
forward switching network is known as _______

a. jitter
b. scaling
c. hop
d. entity

ANSWER: c. hop

83) Consider the statements given below. Which among them represents the 
operational step executed in datagram Packet Switched Network?

a. Fixed Path is assigned between nodes from source to destination
b. First Come First Serviced basis is applicable
c. Necessity of an identifier for a connection between source host & destination 
d. Transmission of short messages of one or two packet lengths

ANSWER: d. Transmission of short messages of one or two packet lengths

84) In Protocol Data Units (PDUs), where do/does the data get/s interchanged?

a. Between peer entities
b. Between entities of neighboring layers
c. Between 'N' & 'N+1' layers
d. All of the above

ANSWER: a. Between peer entities

85) Which type of framing technique/s reduce/s the problem of 
synchronization of the receiver?

a. Character Count
b. Character Stuffing
c. Bit Stuffing
d. All of the above

ANSWER: b. Character Stuffing

86) If more number of cells are necessary in the frequency reuse distance, then 
the segmentation & dualization techniques get _______

a. united
b. divided
c. restricted
d. filtered

ANSWER: a. united

87) Which hand-off stage deals with the relinquishment of unnecessary 
frequency channels by keeping the availability for other mobile users?

a. Initialization
b. Resource Reservation
c. Call Execution
d. Call Completion

ANSWER: d. Call Completion

88) Which among the following represents the flawless hand-off with no 
perceivable interruption of service?

a. Hard hand-off
b. Soft hand-off
c. Intracell hand-off
d. Intercell hand-off

ANSWER: b. Soft hand-off

89) In cellular telephone network, which component controls the switching 
between public wireline telephone network and the base station of cells for 
supporting the different calls between landline to mobile, mobile to landline and 
mobile to mobile calls?

a. Electronic Switching Center (ESC)
b. A Cell Controller
c. Radio Transmitter & Receiver
d. A common communication protocol

ANSWER: a. Electronic Switching Center (ESC)

90) In Electronic Switching Centre (ESC), the transmission rate of X.25 
protocol is ____9.6 Kbps.

a. Less than
b. Equal to
c. Greater than
d. None of the above

ANSWER: c. Greater than

91. If a group of trunk is offered 1200 calls during the busy hour & 20 calls are lost along with  the average call duration of about 7 min, then what would be the total duration of congestion  period?

a. 21.6 sec
b. 42.2 sec
c. 57.6 sec
d. 98.2 sec

ANSWER: c. 57.6 sec

92. Which model of loss system allows the usage of Poisson distribution model for traffic 
analysis especially by assuming infinite number of users?

a. Lost Calls Cleared (LCC)
b. Lost Calls Returned (LCR)
c. Lost Calls Held (LCH)
d. None of the above

ANSWER: a. Lost Calls Cleared (LCC)

93. Which type of holding time distribution is assumed for the voice conversation on telephone?

a. Constant
b. Exponential
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

ANSWER: b. Exponential

94. If the queuing systems are connected in tandem configuration, what would be the nature of  delay?

a. Commutative
b. Distributive
c. Cumulative
d. Deductive

ANSWER: c. Cumulative

95. In analyzing the traffic performance, how is the number of trunk decided with the provision 

of the Grade of Service (GoS) especially for larger group?
a. By normal load condition
b. By overload condition
c. By underload condition
d. None of the above

ANSWER: a. By overload condition
96. By which name/s is the Grade of Service (GOS) well-known?

a. Call congestion
b. Time congestion
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above
Answer Explanation 

ANSWER: Call congestion

97. Percentage of occupancy can be defined as the percentage of _____ for which the server 
seems to be busy.

a. speed
b. distance
c. time
d. volume

ANSWER: c. time

98. How is the relation between Erlang and CCS specified?

a. 1 Erlang = 36 CCS
b. 1 Erlang = 56 CCS
c. 1 Erlang = 76 CCS
d. 1 Erlang = 96 CCS

ANSWER: a. 1 Erlang = 36 CCS

99. If a telephone exchange serves 1500 users with the average BHCA of about 9000 and CCR is 
about 50%, what would be the busy hour calling rate?

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4.5
d. 5

ANSWER: b. 3

100. The ratio of number of successful calls to the number of call attempts is known as ......

a. Call Completion Rate (CCR)
b. Call Block Rate (CBR)
c. Busy Hour Call Rate (BHCR)
d. None of the above

ANSWER: a. Call Completion Rate (CCR)

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