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How to download and install java software in laptop or PC?


 How to download and install java software in laptop or pc.

Before you sit in front your computer and start coding, you need to make sure that
you and your machine are equipped for writing Java codes. It is strongly advised that you
check out the following websites and follow the instructions in downloading the required
software that is usually for free:

For Java software download and installation follow the following steps:

1. Go to the website http://java.com by typing this in the address bar of your web
browser. It will take you to the screen below:

2. Click on the FREE JAVA DOWNLOAD button. It will take you to this screen.

3. Click on the AGREE AND START FREE DOWNLOAD button. When your
Java download is complete, you have to close all your browsers and reload them
to enable the Java installation.

4. Run the downloaded file and you will get the screen below. Just click the
INSTALL button.

required Java SE documentation (also known as the Javadoc pages or Java SE API


take you to the screen below:

2. Click on this option

3. The next page will ask you to choose the version of Java SE Development Kit
you want to download. Make sure you know exactly what operating system you
have in your computer or laptop before you start downloading.

4. To check the version of your operating system, you can go to the SYSTEMS or
PC INFO settings of your computer/laptop.

5. Open the downloaded program to complete the installation of your Jave SE
Development Kit. Ensure that you read and follow the steps carefully.

http://eclipse.org/downloads - Download and install the Eclipse program you need.

Next :-

1. Go to the website http://eclipse.org/downloads by typing this in the address bar
of your web browser. It will take you to the screen below:

2. Choose the appropriate version of Eclipse based on your computer’s operating
system. For a 64-bit Windows operating system (OS), you will get the screen

3. After downloading, open the program and you will get the screen below

4. Just choose ECLIPSE IDE FOR JAVA DEVELOPERS option and then click
the INSTALL button. Make sure you accept the ECLIPSE FOUNDATION

After downloading the programs, make sure you test your installed software. You
can follow these steps to test Eclipse:

Launch Eclipse. You should be able to see an ECLIPSE JAVA MARS icon on the desktop. It will then ask you to SELECT A WORKSPACE. Just leave what is inside the box and then click the OK button.

Create a new Java project by going to the menu on top: FILE > NEW > JAVA

Create a new class named Displayer within the Java project.

Modify the new Displayer.java file by entering the following lines of code in the
Editor pane.

public class Displayer {
public static void main(String args[]) {
System.out.println(“Hello Java!”);

Execute Displayer.java by clicking on this button located at the top and check
to make sure that the output reads Hello Java! by checking the figure below.

In the field of computer programming, software developers require existing
programs to create new programs. For example, you want to develop a Java program that
will handle your company’s employee records. In order to accomplish this, you might use
an existing program as an error-checking tool for your Java codes.

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