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Antenna and wave propagation MCQ question and answer page 3.


 Antenna and wave propagation MCQ question and answer page 3.

1. At which angles does the front to back ratio specify an antenna gain?

... Answer is A)
0° & 180°

2. The radiation lobe containing the direction of maximum radiation is called as....

... Answer is B)
Major lobe

3. Fresnel zone is also called as......

... Answer is D)
Near Field is called Fresnel Field. Far field is called Fraunhofer zone. Near field varies inversely with r2. Electrostatic field varies inversely with r3.

4. In a non-isotropic directional antenna, which radiating lobe axis makes an angle of 180° w.r.t. major beam of an antenna?

... Answer is c)
Back lobe

5. The portion of the near field immediate to the surrounding the antenna is called as.....

... Answer is B)
Reactive near field

6. Which waveform plays a crucial role in determining the radiation pattern of the dipole/wire antennas?

... Answer is B)

7.Under which conditions of charge does the radiation occur through wire antenna?

... Answer is B)
For a charge oscillating in time motion

8. The region of the field that angular field distribution is independent of the distance from the antenna is called as ......

... Answer is C)
Far field

9. An ideal source in which the power is radiated equally in all directions is called as ..... radiator.

... Answer is C)

10. According to Webster’s dictionary, what is an antenna?

... Answer is A)
Metallic device for radiating or receiving radio waves

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