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Antenna and wave propagation MCQ question and answer page 2.


 Antenna and wave propagation MCQ question and answer page 2.

1. A linear antenna having length less than λ/8 is called as

... Answer is A)
Explanation: Short monopoles have length less than λ/8 and the current distribution is triangular. Short dipole has length less than λ/2. Half-wave dipoles have length equal to λ/2. Quarter-wave monopoles have length equal to λ/4.

2. F2 layer of appleton region acts as a significant reflecting medium for ..... frequency radio waves

... Answer is C)

3. Relation between beam solid angle Ω, horizontal half-power beam width ∅A, vertical half-power beam width ∅E is .......

... Answer is c)

4.Wavefront is basically a locus of points acquiring similar ......

... Answer is B)

5. Which of the following pattern varies with square of magnitude of field?

... Answer is B)
Power Pattern

6. Power density is basically termed a ...... power per unit area

... Answer is c)

7. Units of radiation intensity is.....

... Answer is B)
Radiation intensity is defined as the power radiated form an antenna per unit solid angle. So its units are Watts/Steradian. Steradian is the unit for solid angle.

8. Which among the following is/are not present in free space?

... Answer is D)
All of the above

9. If an observation point is closely located to the source, then the field is termed as ......

... Answer is D)

10. Which among the following defines the angular distance between two points on each side of major lobe especially when the radiation drops to zero?

... Answer is A)
First null beam width (FNBW)

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