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Antenna and wave propagation MCQ question and answer page 4.


 Antenna and Wave propagation MCQ Question and Answer page 4.

1.The Directive gain is ...... on input power to antenna and ...... on power due to ohmic losses.

... Answer is B)
Independent, independent

2. Which pattern is generated due to plotting of square of amplitude of an electric field?

... Answer is B)
Power Pattern

3. In an electrically small loops, the overall length of the loop is ...... one-tenth of a wavelength.

... Answer is A)
Less than

4.In flared transmission line, the radiation phenomenon increases due to ......... in flaring

... Answer is B)

5. On which factor/s do/does the radiation field of a small loop depend?

... Answer is B)

6. For a lossless antenna, maximum Power gain equals to the maximum directive gain.

... Answer is A)

7. The ratio of power radiated in a particular direction to the total input power of antenna is called as .....

... Answer is C)
Power Gain

8. Effective aperture is the ability of antenna to extract energy from the electromagnetic wave.

... Answer is A)

9. For which band/s is the space wave propagation suitable over 30 MHz?

... Answer is D)
All of the above

10. Which mode of propagation is adopted in HF antennas?

... Answer is A)

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